Sapiens Insurance Software Solutions 

Core business software solutions for the general insurance, property, casualty, life, pension, retirement and reinsurance markets.

With the ever changing market and the aspiration to be one step ahead of your competitors, you need an insurance solution to help get you there.

Sapiens is your partner, providing you with the most innovative yet manageable insurance software solutions, supporting both today's needs and tomorrow's challenges.

Together with our strong team of industry experts, Sapiens has evolved its software into an array of SOA-based modular software components to meet the needs of the insurance industry today and well into the years to come. Those modular insurance software products and solutions are built to meet the unique needs of each insurance marketplace.

Sapiens - One-Stop Shop for All Insurance Software Business

  • Software: Award winning packaged solutions for all insurance key business challenges
  • Delivery: 30 years of field-proven project delivery of core insurance system solutions
  • Global: 800+ insurance and technology domain experts provide bandwidth of global professional services Technology: Modern technology, SOA based architecture

Sapiens solution for the Life, Pensions and Investment market:

A robust, flexible and functionally rich software solution supporting all Life, Pensions, Investments and Annuity products, both for individual, group and worksite clients.

Life Insurance System - Sapiens ALIS

Sapiens ALIS - A software solution for individual, group and worksite life, pensions and annuity insurance products.

Sapiens solution for the General Insurance & Non-Life Property and Casualty market:

Comprehensive, component-based software solutions, which address the specific needs for traditional insurance, direct insurance, bancassurance and brokers markets.

P&C Insurance Software - Sapiens IDIT

Sapiens IDIT - A component-based software solution, designed for the General Insurance & Non Life Property and Casualty market.

Sapiens solution for the Reinsurance market:

Enabling carriers and brokers to handle all reinsurance activities on a single platform with full financial control and auditing support.

Sapiens Reinsurance - Business and accounting software solution for the entire range of reinsurance contracts.

Sapiens Decision Management Solution for Financial Services:

A business decision software solution for the design, simulation, change and analysis of the business logic that drives operations and compliance of each organization, in a business-friendly format and environment.

Sapiens DECISION - Business decision management solution to consolidate logic across multiple decision systems.



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