Business Decision Management Solution (BDMS)

Sapiens DECISION is a business decision management solution that enforces your business logic across all enterprise applications. For more information please visit the Sapiens DECISION website.


    Sapiens DECISION is the first business decision software solution by which financial professionals can design, simulate, implement, change, analyze, and visualize business logic that drives financial operations and compliance in a business-friendly format and environment.

    Sapiens DECISION is leveraging The Decision Model  that was developed by Larry Goldberg and Barbara Von Halle of Knowledge Partners International (KPI), to improve the decision management process.

    With DECISION, all business logic is maintained in a central repository and secures corporate-wide compliance. It seamlessly integrates with any business process management system and rules engine, and allows the organization maintain the required level of governance.


    DECISION is a part of Sapiens, with a goal to lead the BDMS (Business Decision Management Solution) market, and provide the expertise & technology which are essential for large organizations in order to efficiently manage their Decision processes.


    The Decision Model

    For years the approach to business rules has been led by a technology focused approach, where the primary focus has been focused on the implementation of those rules into technology. Frequently the business rules are not authored consistently, and even when they are, once implemented into technology there is a loss of traceability from them to the technical rules implemented in the technology. This results in the business rules not being adequately managed over their entire life cycle by the business.

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    The Technology

    Sapiens DECISION is an enterprise-grade platform for business users to enter business logic in business language structured such that mapping to data and deploying to a rules engine or other execution technology can happen automatically at the business user’s timing.

    At the heart of the system lie two representation models of the enterprise world: The Glossary, which represents the business concepts, or business facts, and The Decision Repository, which includes conditions, conclusions, and their inferential relationships – all of which comprise what we call "decisions". Both the Glossary and the Decision Repository adhere to very strict normalization and integrity rules, which in turn ensure the ability to manage and maintain the business decisions.

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