Claims Management Software

An enterprise claims software solution for General Insurance & Non Life P&C market.

IDIT Claims provides management and control of the claims reporting and settlement process.

The functional strength of the system is primarily:

Key Components and Benefits


  • Incident definition with multiple claimants
  • Multiple policy and coverage attachment points
  • Linking related claims
  • Catastrophe definition and management
  • Multiple damages per object with multiple reserves and payments
  • Full audit trail of the reserve history and development
  • Full history of claim payments to claimants and service providers
  • Early claim validation by associating of a claim with a policy
  • Point in time coverage verification for policy and coverage terms
  • Sums insured and deductible control
  • Damage & questionnaire setup wizards
  • Primary cause of loss initiating workflows and follow-ups
  • Fast track and serious claim determination and processes
  • Full workflow and agenda activities management
  • Tight claim settlement security & authorization-based processing
  • Effective and efficient processing capabilities for claims adjusters
  • KPI setting and monitoring via dashboards
  • Damages, perils, and cure / compensation alternatives
  • Claim reserves and payments for indemnities and expenses
  • Subrogation processing
  • Alerts and indications for fraud detection
  • Multi currency reserves and payments

IDIT Claims Management Software

Claim Location

The diagrams below shows the claims location and damage determination

Claims Management Software - location and damage determination

Claims Workflow

IDIT Claims initiates a series of workflow processes related to the settlement of the claim, including the assignment of the claim adjuster and request for various documents. In certain cases, such as bodily injury, the claim may be referred to a special department or to external handling.

IDIT Claims provides companies with the ability to set workflows so that claims processes are aligned with company policy. These processes may include specific workflows for every damage code, referral to third parties, follow-up letters, recurring payment validation procedures, dormant claims review, reinsurance department alerts for claims on reinsured policies, etc.

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