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Feedback from our customers - How does our software serve the needs of real-world financial services and insurance companies. Here is what some of our customers have to say:




    "ALIS has proven to be the industrial strength enterprise level policy administration platform we had been searching for. We have been able to internalize the ALIS 
    conversion tools, helping us to be more self-sufficient and able to conduct the remaining conversions with less reliance on the Sapiens team. Self-sufficiency was a key objective of our project and an important component of our original ALIS evaluation criteria and selection decision.


    Stuart Smith, IT Vice President, CFG




    (previously LOTSolutions),part of the Fortegra Financial Group, located in Jacksonville FL, is a leading Business Processing Outsourcer serving the life, health and annuity markets. Consecta uses ALIS as its core policy administration system to support its BPO operation. Consecta has implemented the complete end-to-end ALIS solution including quoting/illustrations, e-application, expert underwriting, reinsurance, billing and collections, policy owner servicing, claims management, accounting and agency & commission management. The robustness of the ALIS platform continues to differentiate Consecta from its competitors.



    Country Financial

    located in Bloomington IL, USA, offers a wide variety of life insurance, long term care and disability policies and annuities. Country has formed a multi-year partnership to implement ALIS to support whole life, term, LTC, DI, UL, annuities, Medicare supplement and to convert its in-force business from its legacy admin systems to ALIS



    OneBeacon Insurance Group

    "We are very impressed with the Sapiens' Policy INSIGHT, which represents 21st century technology for OneBeacon and its agents. The impact of business agility cannot be overstated, for our agents and to our customers. This system will help us leapfrog our competitors."


    Mike Natan, CIO, OneBeacon Insurance Group.



    Principal Financial Group

    "Sapiens and IBM provided a realistic, natural way to design the system and quick ways to build usable applications and productive middleware integration. We're handling 1,200,000 transactions every day. Our success and aggressive plans for growing leverage of the web brings an additional opportunity for huge benefit to The Principal and our clients."


    Sussie Thomann, VP at The Principal Financial



    Texas Farm Bureau

    "The P&C Project has been very successful and greatly improved the efficiency of our billing processes while helping to raise the satisfaction level of our insured clients. New billing features such as Recurring Electronic Funds Transfer have been well received and we expect customer retention to improve as a result. We have extended the system into a new policy administration system. Using a "rules based" architecture, we were able to construct a completely new farm and ranch product giving us a competitive advantage in this market segment. We view Sapiens as our partner whose contribution for the success of the project was key."


    Mike Gerik, Texas Farm Bureau.



    AXA Corporate Solutions

    "The introduction of web-based motor insurance was a major project for AXA. We had worked very successfully with Sapiens in the past and it was the company's ability to deliver a solution rapidly to integrate the web-based motor quotation with our mainframe policy administration application that won Sapiens this contract. Now, with no changes to the legacy application, Sapiens has pulled together all the different components of our solution to give us a new speedy route to the web for our products."


    Dave Sutcliffe, e-Business Technology Manager, AXA (UK)



    Bright Grey (UK)

    "ALIS was implemented within 9 months enabling Bright Grey to launch new products into the IFA community in record time and to meet the demands for the exciting new product range."


    Mr. David Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Bright Grey



    Clal Insurance

    "We are delighted to join forces with Sapiens. The implementation of the new system is aligned with our growth strategy and main objective to become a major player in the Pension providers industry. We look forward to deploy the new system in a timely manner, and to our customers’ satisfaction."


    Izi Cohen, CEO, Clal




    "We are satisfied with the ALIS package software abilities, and especially with the close cooperation we have with the implementation & support teams. We consider ALIS as a solution that will substantially upgrade our operations, in terms of rapid launch of new products as well as superior customer service. ALIS is for us a strategic solution for our French and international activities."


    Mr. Christophe Prechez, Directeur de l’innovation, CNP Assurance



    Euler Hermes

    "We selected IDIT for this mission-critical project because of its intuitive, guided modern and customer–oriented user interface, associated with impressive workflow and business rules engines, based on a structured architecture that completely fit with Euler Hermes tailor-made credit-insurance business."


    Florence Lecoutre, CIO, Euler Hermes



    Eureko B.V.

    "The most important success factor of IDIT™ is the comprehensiveness of the solution. We enjoy rich functionality, backed by a state-of-the-art web-enabled SOA platform, which enables us an easy opening up of any distribution channel for selling our insurance products."


    Ruud Gruson, Program Manager at Eureko B.V.



    Interamerican Bulgaria

    "IDIT demonstrated a keen understanding of our business needs during this project. We are confident that IDIT software is an excellent solution to support our growth and improve our customer services."


    Kosta Cholakov, CEO , Interamerican Bulgaria




    "We are delighted to confirm the contract and the long term strategic use of Sapiens Closed Books platform for administering our heritage business portfolio. The relationship with Sapiens has really grown over the past years where they are now established as one of our key strategic suppliers. The Sapiens Closed Books platform continues to be a big cost and process automation enabler for our heritage business."


    Richard Warner, Group CIO at LV=




    "We have selected Sapiens due to the rich business functionality of its software and the professionalism and quality of their personnel. We see a tremendous amount of value in Sapiens’ domain expertise and understanding of our unique business needs, as well as the cultural alignment between the organizations, which bodes well for the relationship going forwards."


    Xavier Brenez, Managing Director, MLOZ



    Oranta Russia

    "With IDIT we have found an end-to-end IT solution which really fortifies our ability to respond to market, allowing us to centralize our back-office operations and present us with significant cost benefits for our future development and growth. Modernizing any business is a challenge but it is a necessity in order to build the platform to become a significant player in the market."


    Reinhard Stary, CEO, ORANTA Insurance



    Polis Direct BV

    "A decisive factor for choosing IDIT™ was its comprehensiveness – not only sales, service, claims processing, workflow, imaging and data warehousing, but also the integrated Internet capabilities which provide Web accessibility. IDIT™ offers value for money and minimum customization efforts."


    Wolter Bosch, Former ICT Manager, Polis Direct BV




    "We have selected Sapiens due to the rich business functionality of its solution – Sapiens Reinsurance – combined with the professionalism of their personnel."


    Steve Lague, Head of Group Reinsurance Operations, RSA



    Scottish Widows (UK)

    "ALIS enabled us to build a suite of contemporary risk products in record time. The attraction to Scottish Widows of the ALIS solution was the ability to develop modern products and launch them rapidly into a dynamic, multi-channel market such as the UK."


    Mr. John Carey, IT Director of Scottish Widows



    Following an extensive evaluation of available policy administration solutions, Wesleyan determined that ALIS together with the Sapiens project delivery proposition best met its business needs. Use of Sapiens ALIS will enable Wesleyan to more efficiently introduce new products to the market and leverage the functional and technology richness embedded in the Sapiens ALIS platform.






    L&T Insurance

    "The software implementation team has demonstrated a keen understanding of our business needs during this project. We are confident that IDIT software is an excellent solution to support our business growth."

    Joydeep Roy, CEO of L&T Insurance



    “We are very satisfied with the smooth launch of our Hong Kong operations. We are looking forward to our further development in the region, confident in our excellent relationship with IDIT and their innovative software solutions”.  

    Simon Birch, CEO of



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