Technical Overview – IDIT Insurance Technology

A comprehensive full suite component-based software solution, designed for the General Insurance, Property, Casualty, & Non-Life Insurance market

IDIT Technical Highlights

IDIT is an N-Tier distributed system, built using advanced open object oriented technologies and best software engineering practices such as design patterns, visual modeling and change management.

IDIT is component based driven and can be deployed in a modular approach addressing specific business needs whilst integrating with external enterprise components. IDIT is developed according to a modular, component-based design, inherently organized on the principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

IDIT is equipped with advanced, standard and open XML and Web-Services gateways based for seamless integration with financial institutions, risk assessing, address verification, etc, using direct integration or over an ESB.

IDIT is based on open technology cross-platform and cross-database enabling cost effectiveness, scalable performance and full integration with existing environments.

IDIT technical framework was carefully designed to offer the following characteristics: High availability, scalability, load balancing, High performance, Tight security, JEE Compliance, local and distributed cache utilization.

IDIT UI screens are designed in XML using the IDIT tag library which provide a wide range of graphical entities connected to the IDIT business layer. The IDIT web framework generates the RIA web pages based on the XML, selected skins, and parameterized UI metadata.

IDIT provides user interface services, web services and batch processing running on the same application while reusing a common business logic. IDIT Batch framework provide complete batch scheduling, monitoring and control capabilities.

IDIT support mobile apps using a 3rd party mobile platform and IDIT adaptors. Further mobile support include self-adjusted UI for tablets, and client/agent correspondence over SMS/MMS.


Technological Features - IDIT Insurance System

Development platform, Back-end
Java JEE 6, EJB3, XML information exchange
Development platform, Front-end
Browser based front end, RIA using Ajax
Supported OS, Back-end
AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Windows and any other OS supported by the middleware
Supported DBMS
Oracle 11g, DB2 9.7 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Supported OS, Front-end
Windows, Linux and any other supported by the web browser
Supported application servers
Oracle WebLogic 11g, IBM WebSphere 7, RedHat Jboss 5


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