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A comprehensive full suite component-based software solution, designed for the General Insurance and P&C market.


    P&C Insurance Software


    IDIT is a comprehensive modern technology, end-to-end full suite yet component based software package solution, which addresses the specific needs of General Insurance & P&C insurance operators via - traditional insurance, direct insurance, bancassurance and broker / MGA channels.

    IDIT is a global single / multi instance software suite, supporting multi national and international markets via multi-company, multi-branding, multi-currency and on-the-fly multi-lingual language transition capabilities.

    IDIT supports all P&C General Insurance personal, commercial, and specialty lines of business and insurance products on one central expandable platform, including mono line and advanced multi object packaged products offerings.

    IDIT provides a complete set of software components to support your insurance core operations lifecycle. The IDIT insurance system includes the following modules:

    IDIT integrates all distribution channels via the web using a central repository of configurable and extendable business rules via multiple web portal presentation layers for efficient and secured integrated front and back office processing.

    IDIT is a customer / agent and product centric application with advanced on line dashboards and 360 view with drill down capabilities of the individual and portfolio business.

    IDIT utilizes advanced open and web technology to support business innovation, advanced product definition, efficient and fast policy issuance, tightly controlled billing, agents management, and cost effective claims management with superior customer and agent service levels.

    IDIT General Insurance Software - Overview

    Why IDIT?


    • Fast time-to-market: Parameter-based configuration of new insurance products and regulatory environment changes 
    • Improved distribution and channel management: With multi-company, multi-branding, multi-currency, and multi-lingual capabilities using proven best practices
    • Increased efficiency: A single end-to-end solution that manages all insurance products, globally using straight through processing
    • Easy maintenance & integration: Full SOA component-based packaged software, structured as core/country/customer layers
    • Proven track record: Experienced team of global insurance experts with local market knowledge and experience – proven history of implementation success stories and customer satisfaction

    P&C Insurance Software:

    Sapiens IDIT is an innovative policy administration system that was designed to help P&C carriers meet their critical business goals by providing a fully modern solution with robust functionality. Supporting open standards, IDIT Software Suite provides the tools and capabilities that are needed by carriers to quickly respond to changing business needs.

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    Functional Highlights

    IDIT insurance system supports all General, personal and commercial lines of business, including home owners, fleets insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and term-life insurance products.

    IDIT insurance system integrates all front office and back office processes, including insurance product design, policy administration, underwriting, call center, remote users and partners, backed by fully secured internet-based capabilities.

    IDIT software suite for general insurance provides a complete set of applications to support your insurance core operations lifecycle. This includes:

    • Policy Administration
    • Claims Management
    • Billing and Collection

    IDIT modular software components can be customized to match specific insurance business requirements, while providing pre-configured functionality, including:

    • Customer Relationship management (CRM)
    • Product Factory
    • Workflow Management
    • Insurance Accounting
    • Business Intelligence (BI/EIS)
    • Document Management

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    IDIT Technical Highlights

    IDIT is an N-Tier distributed system, built using advanced open object oriented technology and best software engineering practices such as design patterns, visual modeling and change management.

    IDIT is component based driven and can be deployed in a modular approach addressing specific business needs whilst integrating with external enterprise components. IDIT is developed according to a modular, component-based design, inherently organized on the principles of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

    IDIT is equipped with advanced, standard and open XML and Web-Services gateways based for seamless integration with financial institutions, risk assessing, address verification, etc, using direct integration or over an ESB.

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