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ALIS supports the entire range of Life, Pensions, Investments and Annuity products for Individuals and Groups. Proven in numerous implementations around the world, ALIS provides an easy to use, browser-based user interface with a standard look and feel across products and processes.


    React quickly to regulatory changes across products and processes. ALIS comes equipped to support 7702 and 7702A processing, as well as U.S. regulatory requirements based on commonly accepted U.S. practices. ALIS is RDR and Solvency II ready and it supports the requirements of gender equalisation. Instant introduction of future regulation requirements will keep your business on the fast track.

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    ALIS Functional Overview

    ALIS 90/10 Click – quick and easy access to 90% of system data and functionality with 1 to 2 clicks, providing unparalleled usability and data access for customer service

    Calculation transparency – ALIS's formula engine is exposed to users, providing detailed information to users so your policy administration system is no longer a "black box"

    Product flexibility – ALIS's product design supports any combination of Life, Pensions and Investment products for the individual and group markets, enabling providers to explore new product offerings and hybrid designs with no coding required

    Modular functionality – ALIS supports every step of the policy life cycle! Use only the ALIS components needed and "turn off" the rest. Interface with current installed systems point-to-point or via ESB using ALIS's modern web services layer, including fully configurable web services

    Process automation – ALIS's integrated workflow allows the automation of manual processes, reducing the administration costs for an organization whilst maintaining high levels of customer service

    ALIS is currently deployed and in production in eight different countries, all with country specific products, processes, and regulatory requirement, allowing for the customization of business and local needs, including:

    Configurable Product Support
    Product Workbench enables the user to configure virtually any insurance or investment product. Configurable products, transactions, features and formulas, provide our customers with complete flexibility to rapidly support emerging new insurance products.

    Add-on Regulatory Support
    A robust and configurable regulatory engine that enables the user to configure regionally specific regulatory requirements. Regulation rules are configured separately and then connected to the product to easily accommodate product specific differences and compliance testing

    Robust & Flexible User Interface
    A flexible user interface that can be pre-configured based on user-type. The user interface provides easy access to enter or retrieve information with the minimal number of key strokes.

    Embedded Workflow
    Flexibility to establish workflows that are tailored to your specific processing needs. The system administrator can create a workflow by defining and associating activities using the rules engine.

    The system supports multiple languages; languages are selected based on user profile. ALIS is currently implemented in six different languages.

    The system supports multiple currencies. ALIS is currently implemented in seven different currencies.

    Multi-Branding/Channel The system can be easily configured to support multiple brands and distribution channels

    ALIS Technical Overview

    ALIS is a scalable, flexible system, built on N-Tier architecture. Each sub-system is comprised of components that encapsulate their business logic, enabling required changes to be easily isolated and made.

    ALIS provides an entry point via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services for external applications.

    For accessing the Service Layer, Websphere MQ is the main method. Microsoft MSMQ and SOAP (Web Services) are also supported.

    The XML used by the Web Services can be any XML agreed with the external system. New services are based on the ACORD standard, which is a global standard for life insurance transactions. It provides ready XML structures for life insurance entities and transactions.

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