Reinsurance Business Intelligence

A reinsurance software solution enabling insurers and brokers to handle all reinsurance activities on a single platform with full financial control and auditing support.

Business Intelligence (BI) for Reinsurance

The Business Intelligence module features query models for reinsurance program managers, providing analysis of business results as well as essential key performance indicators (KPIs) supporting the decision-making process. The BI model provides the essential reinsurance information for Solvency II requirements.


The BI module contains the following business queries:

  • Profitability analysis
  • Triangulations
  • Risk profile
  • Claims profile
  • Reinsurer exposure

In addition to the reinsurance business analysis queries, an accounting model is also provided enabling convenient presentation and analysis of all business results in numerous dimensions.

The BI query models are based on a dedicated reinsurance BI multi-dimensional data model, providing great flexibility in presentation and analysis of business results, which are based on user-defined criteria. For example, query results can be presented by line of business, coverage, territory, country, accounting/ underwriting/loss periods, broker, reinsurer, reinsurance contract, etc.

Queries are presented in both grid or graph format and all results are exportable to printable format or to an Excel workbook.


Sapiens Reinsurance can be deployed, among others, on the following IBM products 

IBM System i (iSeries)  - i5.4, i6.1, i7.1
IBM BladeCenter HSxx (Intel processor-based)
IBM System x (xSeries)


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