The Sapiens Way

Sapiens is your partner for success. 

For over 30 years, we have been committed to the success of our customers, our partners and our employees, through focus, agility and long term relationships. 

We have embraced values that are guiding us as we grow, globally providing innovative software solutions for the financial services industry, with focus on insurance.

We translate our values to practical assets.  

• Partnering for Success – with people
Partnership is all about people. This is why we nurture team work, excellence and cooperation throughout our team of insurance & technology experts. 
Our people are authorities in solving and addressing the ever-changing technical and business challenges faced by insurance companies. Their dedication is indisputable. 

• Partnering for Success – with focus
Focus, means no distractions. It means all your attention is dedicated to one goal. 
We believe that by being focused – on a market, on a product, on a project, on a task – we secure the success of our partners, our customers.
Our ongoing investments – in people, in products – is geared towards ongoing improvements. 

• Partnering for Success – with long term relations
Long term relations means we are together, not only in good days, but also in bad days that are just natural in any business life cycle. Our long term partnership with our customers extends well beyond 10 or even 15 years, and we both appreciate that commitment. 
Our employees like to stay with us. Some are close to 30 years…. People find their way to grow, expand, and explore new horizons within Sapiens. This is the way to secure knowledge and experience, and this is the way to build partnership. 

• Partnering for Success – with agility
Agility, for our customers, means reacting quickly to changing environments and shifting needs with agile, adaptive methods. It means involving stakeholders and users throughout any process to ease the business flow. It is about optimizing user productivity, efficiency and satisfaction with rapid collaborative usability reviews. 

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