Does your head hurt yet? Take some aspirin and keep going, because the annual statement filing period is here! I know you barely have time to read this post, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are five KEY tips for a smoother reporting season:

  • Like a good Girl Scout, you should be prepared. Keeping up to date with NAIC blank changes is critical. Be sure to review the documents with each release, as details such as software enhancements, updates to formulas and regulatory changes are included.
  • Save yourself additional headaches by setting the security so that users only have editing rights to the schedules they are responsible for.
  • Create import files from your source data (Excel, GL, Investments, Reinsurance, etc.). This will help eliminate data entry errors and save time.
  • Use the “print to PDF” function. This allows easy sharing during the review process, while cutting down on paper waste.
  • Take advantage of the project management features and dual-monitor support built into Sapiens StatementPro.

Completing the annual statement really doesn’t have to damage your cranium. If you’re still using manual processes, there is a better way. Sapiens StatementPro can amp up your efficiency by reducing time-consuming tasks with data imports, real-time validations and much more. No more manual processes means reduced risk for errors and fewer headaches for you.

Please contact us to learn more about Sapiens StatementPro, or our other Financial Services software solutions. Happy filing!


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