Implementing a new policy administration system (PAS) is much more than an IT project. It should be viewed as a business project. There are key business drivers behind the selection of any system.

Sapiens possesses personnel with the business experience to ensure that you get the benefits you’re looking for from your new system. Our solutions were built by insurance experts, for insurance experts. But innovative technology is just the starting point…

It is important from the beginning of the project that everyone knows the business goals, but it’s even more important that everyone understands them. Sapiens’ cross-functional team – including members with experience in underwriting, insurance company operations and agency operations – gives Sapiens the business context to understand what you are trying to achieve and to check that those goals don’t get lost or subverted along the way.

When it comes to requirement gathering, Sapiens certainly wants to understand what the requirements are. But for the best results, we also want to understand the “why” behind them. After all, it can be too easy for the “what” to get misinterpreted without the proper understanding of “why.”

Policy administration systems change over time as the business changes, and we want to make sure you are positioned to take advantage of those changes – whether that is introducing new products, taking advantage of different distribution channels or entering new markets. Our P&C business experts can help you succeed today and prepare for tomorrow, minimizing the risk of implementing a new policy administration solution.

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