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Head in the Insurance Cloud?

Aug 01, 2018 Cover Magazine

Digital, Core and Microservices: Conversations at IASA 2018

Jun 08, 2018 IIR Magazine

Powering past PoPI

Apr 04, 2018 Cover Magazine

Better communication is key for the reinsurer-insurer relationship

Apr 03, 2018 Cover Magazine

South Africa Is Officially “Cloudy”

Jul 31, 2017 Cover Magazine

Sapiens Makes Big North America Move with StoneRiver Acquisition

Feb 17, 2017 IIR Magazine

Sapiens: One-Stop-Shop for Digital Era Insurers

Dec 01, 2016 Insurance CIO Outlook

Retirement Plan Eligibility Determination: The Four Biggest Challenges

Sep 01, 2016 Insurance CIO Outlook

Old Data Shouldn’t Keep Life Insurers from Modernizing

Aug 16, 2016 ITA

Speed to Production Trumps Speed to Market: Five Key Factors

Jun 27, 2016 IIR Magazine

Retirement Plan Eligibility Determination: The Four Biggest Challenges

Mar 23, 2016 IIR Magazine

Sapiens Inks 30m$ Deal with Major U.S. Insurer

Jan 07, 2016 Insurance Innovation Reporter

South Africa’s FNB Chooses Sapiens ALIS for Life Insurance Launch

Aug 11, 2015 Insurance Innovation Reporter

West Bend Mutual Takes on Reinsurance with Sapiens

Jun 04, 2015 Insurance Networking News

Clal Insurance Accelerates Pensions Business Growth with Sapiens Solution

May 14, 2015 Insurance Innovation Reporter

Technology Challenges Await Life Insurers with New Hybrid Health Products

Mar 16, 2015 Insurance Technology Association

Wesleyan Deploys Sapiens Closed Books Solution

Mar 09, 2015 Insurance Innovation Reporter

Hiscox (UK) – Inside Hiscox’s selection of Sapiens for retail insurance IT Transformation

Dec 06, 2013 Insurance Innovation Reporter

CFG (U.S.) emerges unified on Sapiens ALIS

Apr 30, 2013 Insurance & Technology Magazine

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