If industry sales projections come true, tens of thousands of amateurs will receive drones for Christmas. That may sound fun and exciting, but Justin Bachman in Bloomberg warns of the inevitable accidents:

All that amateurish swooping over houses and cars, spooking pets and dodging humans, will invariably lead to cracked windows and more than a few bloody injuries.

First come the toy drones; then the liability claims start flying.

It turns out that some insurers offer drone coverage. Allstate will cover drone damage to someone else’s property, while State Farm’s homeowner policies generally treat drone collisions like other accidents.

The Most Practical Christmas Gift?

It may seem less exciting or romantic than a new iPhone or a diamond ring, but some organizations, like lifeinsuranceguideline.com, promote life insurance as the perfect Christmas present.

Maybe it is not a traditional gift, but to give the gift of life insurance this Christmas could be the most useful one, and not only in tough times. If you purchase life insurance for family that has a new baby, it will be a great way to help them set their money aside for college tuition one day, for their housing, or for a business startup. 

Preston, Coe & Ring, accountants and advisors in Australia, agree. “Now we’re not saying (life insurance) is the only gift you should give this year (it might look a little sad with only that under the Christmas tree) however just consider, along with the other gifts, giving a present that may not be appreciated at the time, but one day could be critical during a hard time.”

Reindeer and a Liability Policy?Santa Christmas

Speaking of unexpected gifts, maybe someone should buy Santa Claus a liability insurance policy. Smart Business is worried about St. Nick:

Santa is liable for the products he makes, along with potential property damage from coming down your chimney. To cover this exposure, Santa, just like every other company, should purchase a comprehensive general liability (CGL) policy.

Lighting Up the Holiday

BT notes that accidents around the home tend to increase around Christmas, so some insurers increase the level of their insurance cover. BT also recommends reevaluating insurance policies after Christmas, especially if you receive valuable Christmas gifts (which you are obviously hoping for!).

In a separate article published last year, BT warns that 1,000 people are injured ever year (presumably in the UK) by their Christmas tree, according to the National Health Service. The number of car accidents may also increase as people rush on icy roads to see loved ones, and “dodgy Christmas lights” can cause house fires.

In more cheerful news, the Christmas lights on the KC Life Insurance Building have become a lovely tradition. The lights were first put up in the 1930s!

Sapiens Spotlight wishes all of our readers happy holidays, a merry Christmas and a great New Year!

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