Managed Services

Infrastructure & Platform Management

Sapiens customers are encouraged to choose a cloud-based installation, with a complementary IT management package. Our cloud experts will plan and build a cloud-based architecture that suites your business needs, and will set up the monitoring tools and dashboards for customer visibility. We understand that each customer has unique needs, so we also provide tailored service solutions that rely on datacenter hosting as well as on-premise environments. This service is not limited to Sapiens products.

The IT management service includes the following service offerings:

  • Infrastructure Operational Center as a Service – 24/7 customer support, technical account manager, event monitoring, operational reports
  • Backup as a Service – Backup review, restore drill, restore from backup
  • DR as a Service – DR maintenance, DR drill for infrastructure, DR procedure update, migrate to DR site
  • DevOps as a Service – Maintain and deploy tools, create software and OS update levels, application deployments, update deploy scripts
  • DBA as a Service – 24/7 DB monitoring and support, database improvements, code review and version upload support
  • SOC as a Service – 24/7 cyber monitoring, cyber incident response, threat intelligence feeds, SIEM optimization and enrichment
  • SecOps as a Service – Global vulnerability assessment, risk management, patch management, security compliance, endpoint security maintenance

Main Benefits

  • By handing off hardware and software hosting to Sapiens, and eliminating the need to focus on installation and maintenance, organizations can fully focus on their core business objectives
  • Defined current and future costs based on an agreed growth model, avoids unexpected and costly capital outlays for cost efficiencies
  • Flexible and scalable IT solution available 24/7 seamlessly supports organizations as they scale up and responds to changing business needs and supports business continuity
  • Gain access to Sapiens’ highest levels of professional expertise and most advanced and up-to-date technology to stay ahead of the competition without having to make major investments in IT infrastructure and personnel
  • Secure cloud hosting with back-office functions not visible to the public Internet and access secured by a VPN, full auditing and compliance monitoring and advanced threat monitoring and protocols improves IT security
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