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Sapiens Migration is part of the Sapiens Professional Services Program Delivery offering. It provides services that support our proven method for loading and validating migrated data from the existing systems into Sapiens systems.

Our Methodology

The migration data extract process includes analyzing the source systems for data extract and mapping, developing extract software and executing extract software during migration tests and the production run.

In the migration data load process, analysis is performed on the data model definition of the intermediate business layer between the source and Sapiens systems and mapping, using built-in data upload tools.

The migration data reconciliation process analyzes and defines the reconciliation reports required for the data migration process, development of the reconciliation scenarios and execution of the software during migration tests and the live run. Migrated data is masked so it can be executed and tested on a remote machine.

The migration data is checked on the lowest level of the business entity and the entity is compared in the source system to the entity in the Sapiens system for data-to-data comparison. The main data migration strategy points, as well as migration planning, testing and training, are defined at a high level at the blueprint stage to formulate a business and systems migration strategy.

Main Benefits

Using Sapiens expertise and intimate knowledge of our products customers can benefit from:

  • Faster, lower-cost data migration efforts
  • Reduced risk of scope cutting, cost overrun, or project delay
  • Improved data consistency across systems, processes, and organizations
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