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Training Services

As part of the Sapiens Professional Services, we offer a variety of training services developed and tailored to enrich the knowledge of the workforce and optimize solution implementation. Our training services are structured to equip key users with expert knowledge, prepare end-users to operate the solution and ensure knowledge retention throughout the organization. As part of the full Sapiens Professional Services package, the training services are developed based on a holistic picture of the organization’s systems and needs, and based on Sapiens’ experience with installations world-wide.

Sapiens provides training analysis and consulting. Our experienced personnel analyze training requirements and consult with the customer to build a curriculum of knowledge transfer that services the specific needs of the organization.

Our Methodology

In order to train the trainer, experienced Sapiens personnel perform one-time training of key personnel who will be qualified to perform end-user training. They will train other users and testers.

We offer full training services for end users and testers for operations of all Sapiens systems. Our application configuration training certifies system users to perform set-up and parameterization of the solution suite.

Main Benefits

  • A tailor-made training program ensures that personnel are fully up to speed ensuring long term efficiencies
  • Leveraging Sapiens’ deep expertise and experience with customers around the world, Sapiens Training services set up the organization’s personnel to be fully proficient with the systems, and able to serve the needs of the organization, quickly and efficiently

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