Property & Casualty

Sapiens BillingMaster

With the proliferation of complex insurance products and services, being able to efficiently manage the full billing and collection lifecycle is vital to the financial health of insurance companies. Automated, digital billing and collection allow the organisations to more accurately manage the full range of processes. In addition, customers and agents should be able to easily access their billing details with no human intervention required, for enhanced customer engagement.

Our Solution

Sapiens BillingMaster for Property & Casualty is part of the Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty and it enables P&C carriers, MGAs and brokers to manage the full lifecycle of premium services, taxes and fees, along with commission billing, collection and disbursements.

P&C carriers can integrate with third-party systems and data repositories, enjoy best-in-class usability and automate processes throughout the billing lifecycle.

Available as standalone or pre-integrated, BillingMaster supports all personal, commercial and specialty insurance products. It ensures that premiums are collected, claims payments are made, and agent commission payments and receipts are managed accurately and swiftly. Workflow and document management are integrated and configurable via a powerful set of product factory wizards that offer full governance of the billing processes.

Business Benefits

  • The ability to track all billing items at the detail level and to more accurately manage premiums, commissions, taxes, discounts, surcharges, fees and claim payments increases operational efficiency
  • Offering an accounting software dashboard with the ability to drill-down to transactions and entries for all billing activities provides a superior user experience
  • Full support for flexible and advanced payment plans and the ability to change payment arrangements
  • Flexible and configurable dunning/non-payment process can be defined for various contact types
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