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Sapiens ClaimsMaster

Today’s consumers expect internet immediacy and instant responses, and have lost all patience. As with many other formerly manual processes, the claims process is evolving to ensure claims are settled within days. By moving away from human touch-points towards automation, insurers can improve the overall quality of the customer experience and ensure retention.


Sapiens ClaimsMaster for Property & Casualty is part of the Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty and it provides simplified management and automated control of claims management handling and the settlement process. It offers intelligent, rules-driven workflow with effective claim assignment, ensuring faster cycle times, as well as rules-driven automatic claims payment.

Using ClaimsMaster, P&C carriers and MGAs can set workflows so claims processes are aligned with company policy. Claims can be submitted and tracked via omni-channels, enriching the end-user experience.

ClaimsMaster’s rich functionality and flexibility combine with the system’s integrated, centralised rules repository to ensure consistency and accuracy of all claims-related operations and documentation.

The solution is easily integrated with external systems, AI and picture recognition to perform real time validation, deeper risk and fraud analysis, and automated assessment.

Business Benefits

  • Intelligent, rules-driven workflow and effective claim assignment ensure quick claims resolution
  • Lower expenses and settlement costs result in strong customer loyalty and improved customer retention
  • Streamlining and automating the claims process will reduce operational costs, while machine learning will help to eliminate claims overpayment
  • Quicker claims handling process and the ability to track in real time and get status updates from the carrier results in increased customer satisfaction
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