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Sapiens Decision for FHA

The risk of inadvertently not aligning to FHA guidelines as the loan is originated has significantly reduced or even eliminated FHA loan originations from a large majority of banks businesses. The Urban Institute summed up the problem by stating that “FHA has lagged behind the GSEs in providing clarity about its program.” However, this is not surprising — given the breadth and complexity of the 1,000+ page FHA Handbook coupled with a reduced FHA budget stretched thinly across multiple mandated FHA initiatives.

Lenders are struggling with how to optimize the traditional methodology of having a Direct Endorsement Underwriter review the loans to determine how well they adhere to the FHA Handbook, often in conjunction with reconciling feedback messages from FHA’s TOTAL Scorecard. This current strategy is a complex, manual and lengthy process with high potential to create significant errors in loan origination and extensive delays in serving borrowers. What lenders need is the assurance that the loan adheres to the complex and often vague rules established in the FHA Handbook while simplifying the overall process of assessing the borrower and property information throughout the origination lifecycle.

Sapiens launched Sapiens Decision for FHA, an innovative service that provides the FHA Handbook in easy to consume business logic that can be implemented within your current operations and technology. We developed this service with the participation of one of the largest mortgage originators and a leading provider of loan evaluation technology to the mortgage industry. This has allowed us to leverage both their lending expertise as well as their loan manufacturing knowledge to ensure you get the detailed review and feedback you need to confidently originate and close FHA loans.

Sapiens Decision for FHA will provide you with the ability to easily compare your loan data to the FHA handbook, with detailed messages and reconciliation of the feedback to your loan documentation — to give you the confidence you need to increase your FHA business.

For the past seven years, Sapiens Decision has been a leading provider to some of the largest lenders in the mortgage industry helping to process over 60 percent of the total annual mortgages. And now, with Sapiens Decision for FHA, we are bringing these industry leading capabilities to FHA lending. Contact us today for more information on how Sapiens Decision for FHA can revolutionize your FHA lending practices and turn this complex lending practice into an area of opportunity.


  • Originate your FHA loans with greater confidence
    Review loans, receive feedback, reconcile the review & feedback over the life-cycle of the loan underwriting and ultimately originate an FHA Loan with confidence and certainty.
  • Create a better borrower experience
    Take the guesswork out of additional borrower requirements throughout the process with detailed messages upfront providing guidance to loan officer and the borrower
  • Maximize underwriting resources
    Direct Endorsement underwriters can focus on exceptions with no need to look up handbook guidelines and detailed messages on refer loans and property
  • Manage your FHA business
    Business can independently add additional overlays, creating the flexibility you need to run your FHA business the way you want
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