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Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking

As the U.S. mortgage industry continues to recover from the financial crisis of the last decade, it faces revolutionary change that’s forcing financial institutions to digitally transform their processes to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. The challenge is to achieve this transformation while maintaining compliance and margins.

The difficulty is that most mortgage firms’ technology has business rules embedded inconsistently and often inaccurately across the various systems that implement the end-to-end customer journey. Mortgage firms have instead taken to providing customers with digital tools that simplify, rather than complicate, their mortgage journeys. At the same time, firms have to ensure compliance in a challenging regulatory environment.

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking enables mortgage institutions to overcome these obstacles and empowers them to achieve improved business control, governance and efficiency.

Sapiens Decision for FHA

Our Solution

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking (formerly called Sapiens DECISION) provides financial institutions with the operational agility and transparency needed to effectively and efficiently respond to changing regulatory and market conditions. It modernizes traditional business rules management, bridging the gap between business and IT by empowering business professionals to be actively involved in the design, implementation, analysis and optimization of decisions. This way, traditional liability associated with change is mitigated.

An integrated solution, Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking leverages existing technology and introduces a common language between the business and IT domains. The business user oversees the implementation of every decision across the organization. The solution drives consistency and reusability to ensure that the operational decisions that impact performance are accurately and consistently adhered to, minimizing risk, rework and resource requirements.

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking assesses the impact of any regulatory change and allows business users to simply and quickly design new, sustainable models to meet evolving regulatory requirements reduces regulatory risk. Compatibility of the business logic and data between products and channels; and across underwriting, loan production, servicing and default management systems strengthens alignment across the business and aligns loan production and loan servicing processes for effective mortgage operations.

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Banking’s clients have experienced extraordinary results: reduced operational and regulatory risk with 80 percent improvement in data quality and increased business logic clarity; greater agility and speed to market with rule changes implemented 90 percent faster; and increased efficiency and cost reduction from a 50 percent decrease in rule creation and maintenance cost.

Business Benefits

  • Business professionals can independently author, validate, test and deploy business decision logic for complete transparency of the organization’s business decision logic for enhanced business user insight and control
  • Business logic is quickly translated into high-quality code that can be executed in any environment
  • Increased operational efficiency from centralized development and dissemination of institutional business logic. Business logic is developed once and rapidly deployed across every system
  • A single repository for enterprise-wide business logic offers complete documentation, version control and visual comparisons of changes implemented in the business logic, improving policy governance
  • Machine learning and AI is integrated into agile business process decisions.
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