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Property and casualty (P&C) carriers are at great risk today of losing their customers if they don’t provide the type of digital experience that retailers and service providers offer daily to consumers. To ensure they are not left behind, insurance agents, brokers and other channel and service providers require a powerful digital ecosystem to capably carry out their crucial tasks and ensure ongoing customer engagement and retention.

It’s not enough to simply provide a portal to offer today’s consumers the online presence they demand, or to work with an isolated analytics system to parse data. A big step up is needed via an all-encompassing digital approach featuring integrated components – that complement each other, functioning at their highest levels.

Our Solution

The Sapiens DigitalSuitefor Property & Casualty offers a cloud-based, end-to-end seamless digital experience for P&C customers, agents, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. The suite is pre-integrated with Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty and is comprised of Digital Engagement, Digital Enablement and API Layer components.

The Sapiens Digital Enablement and API Layer provide an open-communication API-based platform that enables carriers to interact with insurtech companies, ecosystem technology providers and business partners. The suite’s full digital engagement layer offers a customer, agent and service provider portal based on customer-centric principles to fit modern business models; and multiple customer journeys supporting the full value-chain – pre-engagement, through onboarding, servicing and claims.

Sapiens partners with a wide variety of cutting-edge insurtech companies to bring our customers innovative solutions and products that are seamlessly integrated with the platform’s infrastructure services, such as security, logging, monitoring and analytics. By combining insurance solutions and services with auto and home sensors, digital transformation platforms, and more P&C insurers can become part of a strong ecosystem that magnifies their reach and appeal.

This fully digital business approach, powered by process automation, offers insurers cost savings, enhanced customer service, fewer agent mistakes and fast products launches.

Business Benefits

  • Quick launch of new and innovative product offerings enables accelerated transformation and fast time-to-value for digital strategies
  • The ability to unlock silos of information and synchronize disparate data-points via our advanced analytics solution, results in data-driven decision-making and actionable insights.
  • Fully automated consumer processes with minimal human intervention help insurers significantly improve customer experience and lower costs
  • Digital accessibility across preferred interaction channels and devices, combined with automated marketing tools, readies the insurer for immediate “push” and “pull” customer interactions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency
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