I’m excited to announce that Sapiens has completely rebranded! You’ll notice our website and marketing communications feature a new look-and-feel, and Sapiens is now proudly promoting a restructured and renamed solution portfolio. This rebrand will make it easier for you to navigate Sapiens’ website and solution portfolio, while offering a more modern and visually-pleasing experience.  

How did this rebrand come about? For nearly a year, Sapiens has engaged in a thorough process that involved studying marketing research, collaborating with experts and perhaps most importantly, consulting with our clients…

The Human Touch

The main pillar of our updated look is a human-to-human (H2H) approach.

Our clients are not just companies and we are not a faceless vendor – far from it! We are all human beings working together to achieve the same goals. Our visual imagery will feature people interacting closely, reaching new heights and overcoming challenges together.

The Circle

We chose the circle as another important visual pillar of Sapiens’ corporate rebrand.

The circle represents Sapiens’ success in uniting diverse companies (following multiple acquisitions) with different people, cultures and experiences into one global company. It also represents a complete solution that meets all the needs of insurers and financial services companies, which is the hallmark of Sapiens’ solution portfolio.

Additionally, circles don’t have a beginning, or an end. This concept highlights our unending drive to partner for success with Sapiens’ clients.

“We do not describe the world we see, we see the world we can describe.”
– René Descartes, French philosopher and scientist

Descriptive Product Offering Names 

Attention spans are shorter than ever in today’s era of over-stimulation and unending content streams. Our new brand architecture features descriptive product names, to help you cut through the noise and immediately understand our offerings’ main functions and potential benefits.

Our master brand architecture emphasizes that Sapiens is one company with offerings across different lines of business and regions. These new names weren’t picked because they are trendy, or clever – they are designed to offer immediate clarity and simplicity to existing and prospective customers. View our new names here.

Sapiens offers a one-stop-shop of platforms, suites, products and services, that cover core, data and digital. Our platforms are comprised of suites that feature standalone solutions.

The ideas of partnership, innovation and transformation expressed in this blog post are critical, but not entirely new. The look-and-feel may be different, but the power of our brand still emanates from the same source: the name and reputation of Sapiens.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Padilla Consulting for their excellent counsel, particularly their guidance in determining our master brand architecture. And TitanBrandWise was instrumental in creating the new look-and-feel of the website and marketing material. Thank you!

I’d like to thank my Marketing team for their hard work in making this rebrand a reality. Particularly Zvika Delman, who did a great job leading the website redesign project, and Tamar Hartal and her Marcom team, who worked tirelessly on the web, marketing collateral and internal launch projects!

Please take a minute to explore our new website and brochures, I think you’ll enjoy them: www.sapiens.com.

Thank you for choosing to engage with Sapiens.