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Outstanding Partnerships

As part of our constant quest to offer more to our customers and grow, Sapiens is proud to partner with innovative companies that help us expand and refine our offerings, scale up to meet even the largest and most daunting implementation challenges, and enter new markets and locales. Our partnerships are divided into three categories:


By constantly seeking out leading ecosystem and insuretech partners – such as Lightico, FRISS KOVRR and Life.io – Sapiens is able to provide our customers with innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Quadient Inspire
P&C Workers Compensation
Enhance Digital Engagement and Experience Across Products
VPay Total Payment Solution
P&C Workers Compensation
Creating Better Claim Payment Experiences
FRISS can rapidly detect insurance fraud in claims.
TruthMD MedFax
Workers Compensation
The most trusted single source of true provider data.
Truth MD MedFax
The most trusted single source of true provided data
Echo Payment Platform
P&C Workers Compensation
Payments Simplified - A single source platform

Tech Partners

Sapiens has partnered with some of the world’s leading technology vendors to ensure that our solutions are easily implementable and fully compatible with all of our customers’ software and hardware platforms

System Integrators & Business Partners

We occasionally partner with system integrators – such as Atos, everis, Tech Mahindra and JMR Computer Service Solutions – in cases where it will benefit our customers and speed implementations.

Want to be an implementation partner?

Our implementation partnerships are already recognized throughout the industry. To offer the maximum level of service and quality to our customers around the world, we draw strength from services rendered by hard-core specialists who have in-depth knowledge on how to maximize the functionality of Sapiens’ Solutions. We’re in the trust-building business, which is why we make a big deal out of training and certifying our partners to ensure they deliver a level of service that meets and exceeds our high standards. Being on our list of implementation partners is a bona fide badge of honor that earns you full endorsement by Sapiens and access to a long list of customers.

We have three different categories of implementation partners:

  • Lead implementation partners work with our global customers mainly in regions where Sapiens does not have its own presence. Through mutual commitments and investments, they drive both sales and implementation.
  • Advanced implementation partners typically deploy both subject matter experts who specialize in specific areas of the Sapiens’ solutions, as well as senior project management competencies, and can prime both implementation and upgrade projects.
  • Specialist partners are promoted as a resourceful and knowledgeable pool of subject matter experts that can help implement and upgrade the Sapiens’ Solutions or individual add-ons.

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