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Program Management

With the complexity of running an organization increasing year by year, organizations are compelled to manage their transformation projects while maintaining governance, all while meeting company goals. Improved productivity and sophisticated governance capabilities are vital to the efficient operations of these complex organizations, especially during times of transformation. Sapiens Program Management, part of the Sapiens Professional Services Program Delivery offering, enables organizations to meet their transformation goals.

Our Methodology

Sapiens Program Management provides overall program planning, control and execution. It executes against a realistic plan, and manages overall program tasks and dependencies. For efficient governance, Sapiens Program Management implements a set of processes and procedures to ensure the program runs smoothly with no surprises. These processes are carefully monitored in all aspects to successfully achieve the stated objectives of the supporting business case.

All potential risks that may lead to problems are assessed. We actively manage and mitigate these risks and provide contingencies should they materialize.

Sapiens Program Management change management provides a clearly defined scope and ensures that all changes are managed pro-actively. A full assessment of each change request is performed, so the impact can be measured prior to approval.

We identify the stakeholders and drivers of the overall program to ensure that all the relevant participants in the process people are kept informed and are consulted appropriately through a detailed communication plan.

Main Benefits

  • Ensures accurate and efficient planning of all processes, including ongoing communication and change management, to increase organization efficiency.
  • Constant assessment of potential risks ensures they are anticipated and mitigated quickly and efficiently.
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