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Testing Services

Sapiens offers a wide range of state-of-the-art, robust Acceptance Testing Services to its customers. These services combine accumulative testing experience, industry best standards and offer comprehensive coverage, greater efficiency and higher quality.

Our Methodology

Sapiens Acceptance Testing Services include a wide range of testing services, such as System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Migration Testing, Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing) and Operational Acceptance Testing.

Sapiens’ Acceptance Testing Services model is delivered on a robust framework consisting of key enablers, ranging from day-in-a-life, business process testing, coverage matrix, risk-based approach, “code less” automation framework and ready-measurable KPIs. Sapiens has built a repository of tests that are re-used across implementations to jump-start testing for clients and offer many benefits.

Sapiens also now offers “Full Landscape Consulting” niche advisory service to clients, to help assess maturity in running QA activities across the project lifecycle, GAPs to achieve comprehensive end-to-end coverage, quality metrics to establish robust governance and define/operate the “test management office.” This service is targeted to greenfield implementations, large transformation programs and cloud migrations.

Sapiens’ delivery model is flexible and often tailored to meet clients’ budget, offering a wide range of options – onshore, offshore, near-shore and provision to ramp-up and ramp-down in the shortest time internals.



Main Benefits

  • Sapiens offers fast ramp-up for experienced professionals with Sapiens property & casualty core suite and QA knowledge to execute acceptance testing services, without the need for additional training
  • With Sapiens’ deep knowledge and access to core, the large repository of insurance test cases and other artifacts can be reused, offering customers a jump-start
  • By providing comprehensive testing services, Sapiens can place its best people into the right areas, with zero redundancy and duplications
  • We serve as a one-stop-shop, creating clear accountability. Sapiens does whatever it takes to deliver (Sapiens DNA) and will increase coverage whenever necessary
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