Decision Management

Decision Management

All large organization, from banks and insurance companies, to manufacturers and capital markets, face similar challenges: digital transformation, changing regulatory requirements, increased competition, pressure to rapidly bring new products to market and demanding customers. In the face of these pressures, organizations’ business domains must fundamentally change how they operate and govern their businesses to keep up with the rapid pace of change and to create efficiencies for the organization and its customers.

With most large organizations investing 80 percent of their resources in keeping operations going, but only 20 percent on efficiencies in their IT operations, it’s vital that they make the most out of what they have to affect these improvements. Most companies seeking to launch new services simply hand over their business requirements to IT and go through a lengthy software development cycle of months, and sometimes years. Frequently, business needs are not properly met by the software due to the inability of the business domain to clearly articulate their business requirements. This can be highly detrimental to the organization.

Our Offerings
Sapiens Decision (formerly called Sapiens DECISION) is a set of complete decision management solutions that place software development in the hands of the business domain and enforce business logic across all enterprise applications. Decision effectively addresses the complexity of determining and then translating business logic – data, business rules and machine learning used to make business decisions – into operational code.

The business side of the organization can model, validate, test and simulate the business logic required for all new processes using Sapiens Decision. The process takes days or weeks, instead of months or years. A rigorous, structured approach ensures accuracy, efficiency and consistency during modeling. The models may then be automatically generated and deployed as code into automated DevOps environments, ensuring that the software is fully aligned with the organization’s business needs.

Sapiens Decision is used by many of the world’s largest financial organizations to model and deploy their business logic, and to track, verify and ensure that every decision is based on the most up-to-date rules and policies.

Business Benefits
• Introduce a common language between business and technical experts using the Glossary Manager that ensures that accuracy does not get lost in translation
• By discovering most issues early on during business logic articulation, projects are up to 50 percent shorter and time to market for new products, services and updates is up to ten times faster
Business processes are automated resulting in less de-scoping
• Production issues are reduced, up to 70 percent more business logic is reused, 80 percent less time and effort is required to make changes, and less time and fewer resources are needed to handle production incidents, support issues and compliance inquiries resulting in reduced operations costs
Machine learning and AI is integrated into decisions of agile business processes
• Puts control of your business back in the hands of the business domain and provides complete governance and accountability

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