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Agents cannot satisfy today’s customers without a 360-degree view of the customer and business operations, and access to the most relevant information and self-service tools. Many insurers’ custom portals and sites connecting to their operational, policy administration, claims management and other systems aren’t pre-integrated with their core system or digital suite, making it nearly impossible for agents to enjoy or provide a seamless experience. A portal solution provided by the core system vendor is ideal, because it can connect to the operational system, reducing integration costs and the complexities of future upgrades.

Our Solution

Sapiens AgentConnect for Life & Annuities is a modular, highly innovative portal solution specifically designed for the life and pension insurance market. It empowers agents with full lifecycle enablement, including the ability to manage their pipeline, sell policies to their consumers and provide top-level customer service in real-time. Agents can also see a holistic view of their business performance overall and benefit from full access to all their remunerations, payments, commission transactions and statements.

AgentConnect offers straight-through processing for quotes and illustrations, with seamless transitions into active policy, as well as web-based underwriting to facilitate STP where appropriate.

In addition to being fully pre-integrated with the Sapiens CoreSuite for Life & Annuities, Sapiens AgentConnect is part of the Sapiens DigitalSuite for Life & Annuities, which offers an end-to-end, holistic and seamless digital experience for agents, customers, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. DigitalSuite is pre-integrated with CoreSuite and includes the Sapiens DigitalHub for Life & Annuities (API Layer and Digital Studio) that enables openness and connectivity with partners; Sapiens CustomerConnect for Life & Annuities; and Sapiens PartnerHub. DigitalSuite is cloud-based.

The solution is built for enterprise performance, supporting high volumes of traffic, to meet all the needs and demands of top tier insurers and their customers. This includes features such as queue management, load balancing and other functionalities that ease agents’ burdens. Insurers can leverage their investment in Sapiens CoreSuite by offering a unique, real-time agent experience.

Business Benefits

  • Equipping agents with Sapiens AgentConnect’s self-service tools will make their lives easier and help them better serve their customers, which will increase agent efficiency and satisfaction
  • Easily customizable user interface for quick and easy adaptation of AgentConnect’s graphical user interface (GUI) for each customer enables agents to quickly and flexibly customize screens
  • Meets agents’ and insurers’ urgent demands for online and real-time information, with a repository that duplicates all the relevant information and arranges it in the correct order, in real-time
  • Built on more than three decades of Sapiens experience and best practices, AgentConnect helps agents maximize their efforts and provide a superior customer experience
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