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With the complexity and proliferation of products and services in today’s insurance sphere, being able to efficiently manage the full billing and collection lifecycle is vital to the financial health of insurers. Automated, digital billing and collection allows organizations to more accurately manage the full range of processes.

Our Solution

Sapiens BillingPro for Property & Casualty is part of the Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty. It is an enterprise billing solution from the leaders in configurable, scalable P&C insurance software solutions. It features the flexibility, ease of deployment and highly configurable integrations.

The solution integrates with third-party systems and data repositories with unparalleled speed and ease. It manages billing on an agency, or direct-bill, basis. Automated processes throughout the billing lifecycle including lockbox, allocation, transfers, disbursements, write-offs, disputes and other billing activities.

Sapiens BillingPro for Property & Casualty reduces billing leakage and collection time frames through automated processes to identify uncollected earned premiums. BillingPro combines invoices to reduce costs and leverages equity-based billing to avoid unpaid coverage. It supports multiple currencies with automatic FX gain and loss adjustments, and delivers timely and accurate information through comprehensive reports

Business Benefits

  • The ability to track all billing items at the detail level and  more accurately manage premiums, commissions, taxes, discounts, surcharges and fees increases operational accuracy and efficiency
  • Offering an accounting dashboard with the ability to drill-down to important details for all billing activities provides a superior user experience for both agents and customers
  • Full support for flexible payment plans and the ability to change payment arrangements, increases customer satisfaction
  • Provides for streamlined billing operations, reducing costs
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