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Sapiens CheckPro

Today’s business climate becomes more competitive and productivity-driven by the day. Expectations for disbursement systems have skyrocketed in terms of speed, security, flexibility and efficiency.

Our Solution

Sapiens CheckPro provides a full range of print and electronic payment options that goes beyond simply printing checks. It accepts payment data from any source: payroll, accounts payable, claims, etc., and generates the desired form of payment.

The module prints complete checks on blank security stock, eliminating the need to purchase and protect pre-printed stock for multiple accounts. The Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line is printed in the same printer pass with the check data, signature and logo. Online check viewing is available in a regenerated print preview, or a stored check image. Its unique combination of software encryption, hardware barriers and positive pay reporting safeguards against criminal activity.

CheckPro’s remote printing capability facilitates disbursement distribution from central systems to outlying offices, reducing overnight shipments and onsite petty cash.

Business Benefits

  • The ability to efficiently direct all payment generation through one centralization system enhances efficiency, maximizes investment and improves overall staff productivity
  • Encrypted check form templates, graphics and signatures prevent usage with any other payment system, reducing fraud and saving money
  • Easy-to-use system offers clear instructions for each business process and visually organized windows; task-oriented pop-ups guide users through new and infrequently used processes; and wizards assist with multi-step set-ups and processes, improving workflow and user efficiency
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