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Cloud-based Insurance SaaS

Insurers aim to gain a competitive advantage and reduce significant amounts of IT spending used to maintain legacy systems, while bringing new products to market faster and more affordably. The obvious approach is a shift to cloud-based software solutions that can leverage on-demand hardware, software and human resources, and even offer pay-as-you-go pricing models. The most effective outcome will result from a fully integrated, cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS), comprehensive offering.

Our Proposition

Sapiens offers cloud deployment for its products and solutions, including its CoreSuites for life, pension and annuities, and property and casualty, and its full Sapiens DigitalSuite.

These suites and solutions run with a flexible, SaaS pricing model, and are vendor-agnostic. This starts at point-of-sale and covers the entire insurance lifecycle. Our cloud deployment includes a robust and fully integrated agency and commission management system to support complex hierarchies and commission structures. Sapiens cloud capabilities support tactical product launches within months. They are performance-tested and benchmarked to 10 million policies.

Sapiens cloud deployment methodology supports pre-integration with some of the industry’s leading third-party packaged solutions, such as content/print management, eSignature and reinsurance. Sapiens offers complete system integration and project management services to provide insurers with a single URL to access a fully integrated solution. Sapiens can leverage our partnerships, or integrate with the insurer’s enterprise, or preferred third-party solutions.

Sapiens’ cloud technology offers the highest levels of security and uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud framework.

Main Benefits

  • The cloud environment’s agility and scalability promote productivity and costs savings, and allows insurers to quickly and easily scale up or down
  • Can be customized “as-you-go,” with minimal effort required for analysis, customization, documentation, infrastructure and deployment, and increased cost-effectiveness
  • Sapiens provides all back-office support, freeing up strategic IT resources to concentrate on value-added functions
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