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Sapiens CoreSuite

Property and casualty (P&C) insurers face pressure to evolve legacy-based systems into agile, modular, end-to-end solutions that support advanced automation capabilities. Customers, as well as agents, increasingly demand digital solutions across all devices for increased convenience and efficiency. The need to shift from legacy to automated systems in a competitive market has never been greater.


Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty is comprised of three fully integrated, core components that can also be deployed stand-alone:

Sapiens PolicyPro for Property & Casualty is used by agents, underwriters and customers to quote, issue and administer policies. It includes integration with third-party systems and provides comprehensive policy lifecycle support for all P&C lines of business.

Sapiens BillingPro for Property & Casualty enables P&C carriers to integrate with third-party systems and data repositories, benefit from best-in-class usability and automate the entire billing lifecycle. These offerings improve policy administration and billing for commercial, personal and specialty lines of business.

Sapiens ClaimsPro for Property & Casualty is an underlying platform that prepares P&C carriers to adapt to new business requirements. It offers intelligent, rules-driven workflow with effective claim assignment, ensuring faster cycle times, for lower expenses and settlement costs.

CoreSuite is pre-integrated with additional components that can be selected, including business intelligence, reinsurance and portal solutions (customer and agent), as well as various interfaces.

Business Benefits

  • A modular, automated, highly customizable solution offers a single platform for personal, commercial and specialty lines of business (LoBs). This increases organizational efficiency by reducing manual effort, generates competitive advantages and saves costs
  • 360-degree, customer-centric solution increases accuracy and introduces opportunities for personalized marketing, expanding revenue streams
  • Digital, omni-channel access offers touch-points across all devices, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction
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