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Today’s insurers possess massive streams of data that can yield immense value for insurers, including increased revenues from targeted selling and elevated customer satisfaction. To fully leverage their data, insurers need the most advanced data solutions.
Insurers’ many streams of data have the potential to provide them with actionable insights to formulate strategies, identify new market propositions and gain crucial market intelligence. Sapiens offers two business intelligence tools that can assist insurers in monetizing their rich data stores (depending on region): Sapiens Intelligence and Sapiens IntelligencePro (formerly called 4SightBI).

Sapiens also offers two complementary solutions (coming soon): Sapiens Predictive Analytics that can predict the future behavior of customers based on our deep insurance industry knowledge; and innovative machine learning; and Sapiens Big Data, which will insurers to capture all their data sources and deliver real-time, operational data.

Analytics & BI

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