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Sapiens Decision for Government

Government agencies are fundamentally challenged with budget constraints, outdated technology and infrastructure that is incompatible and cannot communicate with up-to-date technologies. Legacy IT systems continue to perform core functions and responsibilities. In many cases, the cost just to maintain the legacy systems prevents the ability to update.

There is additional pressure to meet the demands of citizens with a more customer friendly approach. Other markets provide customers with immediate responses in a transparent and easy manner.

There are also new and complicated demands with multiple stakeholders across various agencies and the motivation to configure manual processes and complex policy documents with assurance and effective execution. Policies need to be followed consistently and readily changed with ease.

Our Solution

Sapiens Decision for Government provides the capability to automate manual processes, alleviates gaps coming from different roles and interpretations, and creates fully validated policy artifacts in a format that other roles in the organization can understand.

Decision models policy logic that can be used at different decision points and helps to build a fully automated set of web-based applications. Stakeholders and users are actively involved in the design, implementation, analysis, testing and optimization of decisions. The process takes days or weeks, instead of months or years and enforces business logic across all enterprise applications. It effectively addresses the complexity of determining and then translating business logic – data, business rules and machine learning used to make business decisions – into operational code. Using a decision modeling approach, it simplifies processes by removing complex logic from procedural complexity, enabling more stable, resilient outcomes.

Sapiens Decision for Government transforms how to approach change, by modernizing traditional business rules management. It enables responsiveness to market needs through accurate and consistent enforcement of business rules and policies.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces costs through lower operational errors and maintenance, more stable, resilient processes, reduced training costs, reduced oversight for operational risk, less reliance on subject matter experts and greater fungibility of resources
  • Reduces time, cost and risks in projects and process development, and enables rapid change turnaround to meet regulatory or operational demand.
  • Issues, gaps, inconsistencies are easily discovered and fixed
  • Facilitates “what if?” scenario modeling (for instance, requested business exceptions to policy, applying new regulatory requirements), minimizing ambiguity and documentation overheads, and improving consistency
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