Decision Management

Sapiens Decision for Insurance

Insurance leaders are focused on getting their products to market faster, reducing operating costs and growing their markets. Customers demand instant insurance, automated claims and transparency in underwriting.

Achieving all these objectives now depends on how quickly your organization can implement changes within its enterprise systems and processes.

Our Solution

Sapiens’ offerings allow business rules to be managed centrally and executed against local databases to enable greater responsiveness, control and consistency.

Sapiens Decision transforms how businesses approach change, by modernizing traditional business rules management.

Our platform is used by major insurance companies in life, property & casualty, commercial and personal lines to implement process automation and drive digital transformation.

Sapiens Decision enables accurate risk management via automated risk selection, consistent risk treatment and adherence to the carrier’s risk appetite. It provides effective and automated decision making with accurate application of the insurer’s rules and policies. Decision ensures that the insurer is always compliant and enables the enforcement of changes in real-time.

Business Benefits

Products can be launched faster and managed more effectively. Business users gain the ability to manage complex business rules simply and easily without the need to learn code.  IT staff can be freed up for higher value work and avoid time consuming and costly maintenance.

  • Increased speed in responding to market, competitive and regulatory changes
  • Operating savings by reducing IT development cycles – from months to hours
  • “No code” platform for business users that eliminates dependency on IT for 90% of changes
  • Creation of unique and engaging digital customer journeys that differentiate your brand
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