Decision Management

Sapiens Decision for Insurance

Insurers make thousands of automated decisions every day based on business policies. Business analysts need to be empowered to make changes quickly, consistently and with a high level of confidence in outcomes.  Implementing business policy and regulatory updates quickly across systems can be challenging whether due to IT resources or unclear policies. A defined decision logic becomes an asset that can be reused throughout the enterprise to speed deployment and improve quality.

Our Solution

Sapiens Decision transforms how businesses approach change, by modernizing traditional business rules management. Sapiens Decision for Insurance solution separates business logic from the application and orchestration workflow. Insurers are enabled to respond to market needs through accurate and consistent enforcement of business rules and policy.

Our business process management solution is used by major insurance companies in life, property & casualty, commercial and personal lines to implement process automation and drive digital transformation.

Business Benefits

  • Increase Business Agility to respond quickly to market and regulatory changes
  • Empower Citizen Developers to enable business analysts with no/low-code capabilities
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency with reduced time for coding, going from weeks to hours.
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