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Sapiens Decision for Investment Banking

Today’s investment banks face the challenges of digital transformation, changing regulatory requirements, increased competition and very constrained margins. In the face of these pressures, they are compelled to fundamentally change how they operate and govern their organizations to keep up with the rapid pace of change and create efficiencies.

In order to reengineer their functions, investment banks are compelled to change their operations. A large proportion of the resources they require for running their customer-facing business is being co-opted to make these changes – to fulfill regulatory compliance, operational risk and other control activities not directly tied to day-to-day operations.

Most investment banks seeking to launch new services simply hand over their business requirements to IT and go through a lengthy software development cycle of months, sometimes years. Frequently, business needs are not properly met by the software due to the inability of the business domain to clearly articulate their business requirements. This can be highly detrimental to the organization.

Our Solution

Sapiens Decision for Investment Banking (formerly called Sapiens DECISION) addresses this cost of change. It enables investment banks to efficiently adapt their operations to the demands of digital transformation, changing regulations, customer demands and increasing competition using model-driven development (MDD). With the MDD approach, Sapiens Decision for Investment Banking enables business people to define business logic in easily understood models.

Business can test the logic before it is deployed. Once code is auto-generated in the required language (such as Java), it may be directly deployed into production environments.

With Sapiens Decision for Investment Banking, the investment bank’s business domain is actively involved in the design, implementation, analysis, testing and optimization of decisions. The process takes days or weeks, instead of months or years. It enforces business logic across all enterprise applications. It effectively addresses the complexity of determining and then translating business logic – data, business rules and machine learning used to make business decisions – into operational code. Using a decision modeling approach simplifies processes by removing complex logic from procedural complexity, enabling more stable, resilient processes.

Sapiens Decision for Investment Banking transforms how investment banks can approach change, by modernizing traditional business rules management. It enables them to grow their business and respond to market needs through accurate and consistent enforcement of business rules and policies.

Business Benefits

  • Reduces RTB costs through lower operational errors and maintenance, more stable, resilient processes, reduced training costs, reduced oversight for operational risk, less reliance on SMEs and greater fungibility of resources
  • Reduces CTB costs by reducing time, cost and risks in projects and process development
  • Facilitates “what if?” scenario modeling (for instance, requested business exceptions to policy, applying new regulatory requirements), minimizing ambiguity and documentation overheads, and improving consistency
  • Separates business logic from applications and workflow automation to enable plug-and-play solutions between business logic, data analytics and user interface for increased efficiency
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