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Effective and expedient benefit enrollment requires a modern, digital system. In-house systems have proven to be extremely costly and labor intensive. Insurers looking to upgrade are better off opting for a best-of-breed solution that will likely get them to the market faster, with fewer headaches. This will enable them to focus on their core business and enrollment.

Our Solution

Sapiens EnrollmentPro for Life & Annuities (formerly called Benefit Enrollment) provides full benefit enrollment capabilities. It can handle everything from an initial benefit offering, through renewals and ongoing, open enrollments.

Employees and administrators can complete the benefit selection process in minutes. This is followed by a fast confirmation of benefits, including all back-end reporting and data integration required for enrollment completion.

The solution can handle all types of benefit selection scenarios, from agent assisted, through self-enrollment. The products, rates, rules and application questions are in the same system, and accessed in different ways, via different channels, by different users.

The system is scalable and can handle anything from the smallest employee group, to tens of thousands of employees. EnrollmentPro is integrated with Sapiens UnderwritingPro for Life & Annuities, providing a complete, automated solution that fully handles enrollment.

EnrollmentPro can plug into an exchange, or can be used as a standalone platform for a single employer’s own benefits. It can also be broker-assisted and offer self-service. Pre-integration with the Sapiens DigitalSuite for Life & Annuities ensures quick business digital transformation and fast time-to-value for digital strategies. End-to-end or modular deployment offers the flexibility to support every step of the policy lifecycle, via deployment as a complete suite, or as individual digital components.

Business Benefits

  • A single, unified system offers an intuitive user experience and enables insurers to simplify work processes for increased efficiency
  • Simple roll-outs require no coding for new, innovative product offerings and hybrid designs combining life, annuity and medical products, increasing customer engagement
  • An open, accessible and trusted solution is compatible with exchanges. The carrier providing the benefits can be confident that the right rules are applied, eliminating the need for them to recreate the environment every time they use a different distribution channel to sell benefits
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