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More than ever, insurers need state-of-the art, reliable financial reporting tools to track critical financial information, quickly produce accurate reports and analyze the forces that drive their business.

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Our Solution

F9 capitalizes on the power of spreadsheets, linking Microsoft Excel to Sapiens Financial GO and Sapiens FinancialPro General Ledger (GL) data, facilitating the generation of a wide range of custom reports. The solution’s unique GL function links any spreadsheet cell to balances in the Sapiens General Ledger module.

F9 wizards simplify report development by breaking down report processes into simple steps, using Copy or Auto-Fill functions across the spreadsheet to quickly expand reports. Any balance can be broken down on the page based on any account code segment, such as major account division, department, LOB or state.

Task panes allow users to interact with F9 directly from the Excel spreadsheet for faster output and reporting results. Dynamic reporting controls are displayed in a drop-down format for quick selection of filters. Data analysis and visualization tools enable insurers to analyze information, spot trends and access company information more easily. Excel functions for sorting, filtering and conditional formatting are ideal for reports that analyze complex business data.

Business Benefits

  • Enables designing reports and simple consolidation with complete flexibility, using any layout and GL content available
  • Saves time and eliminates keying errors by capturing sections of the GL for on-the fly analysis, without having to cut-and-paste between the two systems
  • Slices and dices spreadsheet numbers with drill-down, PivotTables and drop-down filters, and uses point-and-click to finish boardroom quality reports in seconds, increasing the quality and accuracy of reports, while saving time
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