Workers’ Compensation

Sapiens GO

Sapiens GO for Workers’ Compensation is a comprehensive, full‐featured suite for specialized administration of workers’ compensation policies and claims, offered in a hosted environment. Components include policy administration with billing, claims management, case management and bill review. Each component can be implemented standalone, or as a fully integrated system.

Our Solution

Sapiens GO for Workers’ Compensation was developed specifically for carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), self-insurance funds and third-party administrators. Sapiens GO can deliver a turnkey solution in just 120 days.

With its streamlined user interface and advanced business features, the suite addresses critical objectives for carriers, MGAs, self-insurance funds and third-party administrators (TPAs).

Sapiens GO offers standard web-based features and tools such as tool tips, URL links, maps, integration of calendars and email, and options to download data to spreadsheet format. Its self-administration features allow users to easily change configuration rules and rating algorithms.

Home page task management tools enable supervisors to view their teams’ work queue assignments. A wide variety of dashboard type widgets can be incorporated to reflect key performance indicators customized to each users’ role.

Business Benefits

  • Hosted environment reduces costs by passing on many of the expenses associated with a hosting environment
  • Increased productivity from comprehensive functionality and delivery of a turnkey solution in just 120 days
  • Annual release upgrades require minimal implementation effort
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