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Sapiens ID³

In today’s complex insurance market, insurers constantly seek to increase revenues by creating efficiencies and offering relevant products in a digital environment. Additionally, life has been a historically low-touch industry and the lack of regular contact with customers has prevented insurers from maximizing cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Our Solution

Sapiens ID3 is a comprehensive life, health and annuity policy administration system from submission, to issue and billing, and claims. It is fully integrated with our Sapiens IllustrationPro for Life & Annuities and Sapiens ApplicationPro for Life & Annuities point-of-sale solutions, as well as our automated underwriting solution.

It covers the complete range of insurance products, including fixed, equity-indexed annuities, whole, ISWL, term and universal life, disability income and long-term care products. Sapiens ID3 has an established track record as a production-proven solution providing extensive processing flexibility.

Sapiens ID3 provides powerful operational capabilities that enable carriers to easily and independently build products. The extensive range of built-in options expands to manage all company needs as the business grows. The flexibility and functionality of Sapiens ID3 can be valuable for time-sensitive applications, defining user attributes, offering point-and-click navigation, and covering all lines of administration.

Producer licensing, contracts and compensation are all fully supported. ID3’s full General Ledger supports all transactions for numerous modes of billing and collections. The solution’s complete claims process supports death and health claims, as well as repetitive and minimum distributions. Statutory and tax valuation are a key feature of Sapiens ID3.

ID3 comes with over 800 out-of-the-box reports!

The solution’s Correspondence Integration Server integrates with the carrier’s document creation and production system, and its ACORD Transaction Server is the conduit for translating and managing the exchange of data in ACORD-compliant formats.

Sapiens ID3 is available as an outsourced application that can be customized to a carrier’s specific business and operational needs and standards.

Business Benefits

  • Integrated solutions provide complete sale-to-issue functionality and administration, improving customer service, increasing operational efficiency and impacting financial results
  • Option for an outsourced solution enables staff to focus on the business of insurance, rather than the day-to-day detail associated with managing networks and data centers, reducing costs, increasing organizational efficiency and mitigating risk
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