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Insurers possess mountains of data that potentially offer them actionable insights to formulate strategies, identify new market propositions and gain crucial market intelligence. But without effective analytics, they can only be reactive and cannot effectively prepare for new trends, costing them their competitive advantage. Their challenge is incorporating all of this data into data-driven decision processes.

Our Solution

Sapiens Intelligence for Life & Annuities (formerly called Sapiens INTELLIGENCE) is a modular, highly innovative business intelligence solution specifically designed for the life insurance market. It offers life and annuity providers complete analytic capabilities. It’s comprised of two pre-integrated components:

SmartStore is an intelligent data store that unifies and houses data. It gathers data from the Sapiens Digital Platform of systems and intelligently transforms it into an insurance-domain set of business logical models, designed for complex and in-depth analytics. SmartStore comes with an insurance-specific data structure, data marts and logical models tailored to life insurance business domains. This data store was specifically designed to enable the optimum application of smart analytics to insurance-specific requirements.

InfoMaster is a set of analytical applications, offering a wide range of data visualization and analytical capabilities through reporting, dashboards and data discovery. Incorporating Sapiens’ best practices and more than three decades of leading experience, InfoMaster helps life insurers begin reaping the benefits of analytics immediately. It includes advanced capabilities, such as full mobile support, self-service analytics and data visualization.

Business Benefits

SmartStore business benefits include:

  • Reduced transformation risk and increased operational efficiency achieved by a minimized need for specific data warehouse integration
  •  Enables insurers to preserve their current tools and applications via immediate connectivity to other corporate data warehouses, or analytical tools
  • Reduces implementation costs via a pre-defined extraction and ETL layer that seamlessly and easily transforms transactional data into an analytical data model

InfoMaster business benefits include:

  • Empowers business users to easily and rapidly draw business conclusions and insights from raw data, via self-service analytics
  • Provides a superb user experience via easy-to-use, advanced tools, based on SAP’s innovative analytics platform
  • Easily adjusts your data discovery processes to satisfy and comply with the constantly changing regulations, business trends and market developments, increasing organizational efficiency
  • Drives analytics adoption across the organization with compelling, insightful dashboards and reports
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