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Today’s organizations are challenged more than ever to empower employees with actionable data to drive business performance and increase worker productivity. With the countless sources of data available to aid in making well-informed daily decisions, there is a great need for effective business intelligence (BI) solutions.

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Our Solution

Sapiens IntelligencePro offers tailored reporting that supports specific management objectives. Built by insurance professionals for insurance professionals, the solution is designed and documented, so that anyone can start using it almost immediately. It can pull information from almost any field in the databases and can also be used with other applications.

Report data can be selected from lists that are presented in natural English, not database terminology.

Built-in templates and drag-and-drop functionality allow you to quickly create reports from nearly any field. Data models allow customers to select the information from a list of data fields organized in logical folders. Data can be filtered, sorted, subtotaled and selected by any field to provide more meaningful results. Reports can be formatted with boardroom quality, scheduled and automatically emailed.

Business Benefits

  • A less expensive solution requiring minimal training, consulting and maintenance lowers total cost of ownership
  • A short learning curve and ease of use, from novice to expert, increases organizational efficiencies
  • Programming and database expertise are not required, speeding up time to use
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