Life, Pension & Annuities

Sapiens Platform for Life & Annuities

Unity is the name of the game for today’s life and annuities (L&A) providers. They want to administer individual, group and employee benefits business from a holistic policy administration platform. The ability to support multiple lines of business from a single core system empowers business users and enhances the customer experience. Full integration with a digital suite is also important for digital transformation and fast time-to-value for digital strategies.

Our Platform

The Sapiens Platform for Life & Annuities offers excellence in the administration of the insurance business and creates greater efficiency via legacy consolidation. The platform is comprised of a core suite (including illustration, underwriting and eApp); advanced analytics and a full digital suite.

The Sapiens CoreSuite for Life & Annuities (formerly called Sapiens ALIS) provides an optimized user-interface and real-time access to centrally managed data from any device. It delivers coherent data across all applications and channels, with a common repository of business rules and a powerful formula engine providing detailed information at the most granular level for internal and external use.

CoreSuite offers full pre-integration to the Sapiens DigitalSuite for Life & Annuities, which includes the Sapiens DigitalHub for Life & Annuities (API Layer and Digital Studio) that enables openness and connectivity with partners; Sapiens AgentConnect for Life & Annuities (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) and Sapiens CustomerConnect for Life & Annuities (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) portal solutions, specifically designed for the L&A market; and Sapiens PartnerHub, which makes third-party technology and insuretech solutions available to insurers and their partners.

Business Benefits

  • A single, unified system enables insurers to simplify work processes for increased efficiency and offers an intuitive user experience
  • Quick business digital transformation and fast time-to-value for digital strategies, via full pre-integration with Sapiens DigitalSuite
  • Simple roll-outs require no coding for new, innovative product offerings and hybrid designs combining life, annuity and medical products. This increases customer engagement
  • End-to-end or modular deployment offers the flexibility to support every step of the policy lifecycle via deployment as a complete suite, or individual components
  • Advanced DevOps provide deployment and system health monitoring tools across all modules
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