Workers’ Compensation

Sapiens Platform for Workers’ Compensation

In today’s workers’ compensation environment, keeping up with changing technology can be a monumental task. Combine that with the complex world of workers’ compensation administration and you need solutions that are easy to implement and simple to use. Transforming outdated or homegrown systems can be a significant challenge when trying to implement new technology. A solution that allows for seamless integration is essential.

Our Solutions

The Sapiens CoreSuite for Workers’ Compensation offers larger carriers, administrators and state funds the technology solutions that enable them to quickly adapt to business and market conditions, offering high levels of accuracy and efficiency. The platform provides broad functionality throughout the entire insurance lifecycle for workers’ compensation. Policy, billing and claims modules can be deployed individually, or as an integrated solution.

With Sapiens Connect for Workers’ Compensation insurers can offer customers a unique, real-time customer experience tailored to today’s digital natives. Access quote, bill or claims processing, view policy information, reports and more. Access and functionality are configurable by user and role, providing the ability to determine which data and processes can be accessed.

Sapiens IntelligencePro provides insurance carriers with information in easy-to-use formats for analysis and enhanced decision-making for workers’ compensation. Carriers can gain operational insight and the ability to fine-tune critical decision- making and strategic planning.

Business Benefits

  • Enables easy configuration of new interfaces and user workflows
  • Improves collaboration, engagement and service quality between insurance and carrier
  • Provides usable and actionable insights by collating employer and injured worker information from various channels
  • Process automation cuts down the number of cases requiring manual underwriting, reducing operating costs
  • Leverages company best practices, integrating manual core processes and utilizing robust workflow and a rules engine for self-adjusting navigation
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