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Sapiens ReinsurancePro

The size and complexity of recoveries, as well as regulatory requirements, make automating reinsurance a necessity for insurance carriers.

Our Solution

Sapiens ReinsurancePro is an efficient reinsurance administration system, supporting all types of reinsurance processing, regardless of volume, in one comprehensive and powerful reinsurance system. The system produces Schedule F automatically.

Our solution enables insurance companies to manage and automate the underwriting and administration of reinsurance, including treaty and facultative, ceded, assumed and retroceded reinsurance. ReinsurancePro works directly with the primary policy and claims processing systems to perform the automated identification and calculation of cessions. It also supports interfacing with general ledger, annual statement and other systems. This reduces manual work and operator error, and eliminates duplicate entries.

ReinsurancePro empowers insurers of all sizes to manage their entire range of reinsurance contracts and activities for all lines of business, including rich accounting functionality and reporting capabilities. By incorporating fully automated customized functions, with built-in automation of contracts, calculations and processes, ReinsurancePro provides flexible and full financial control of the reinsurance processes. This includes support for all auditing requirements and statutory compliance.

Insurers of all sizes worldwide use ReinsurancePro. Options include deploying on-premise, or in a cloud-hosted environment.

Business Benefits

  • Greater functionality in reinsurance accounting and cash management, such as automated billing and one-click Schedule F generation, enables insurance carriers to easily comply with record-keeping requirements, provide statutory reporting on demand, and enhance asset identification and collection
  • Improved business management control and accuracy via accurate and effective reinsurance information on-hand when required
  • Allows for changes to contracts or various subsections within contracts at different times, for easier tracking and greater flexibility
  • Time-tested and proven technology handles high volumes of data quickly and reliably, avoiding I/O and slow processing problems that can occur with sub-standard systems for transactional processing
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