Managed Services

About Our Managed Services

Sapiens offers Managed Services as part of the Sapiens Professional Services offering. Sapiens Business Services are comprised of two main components: Hosting services and application management.

Hosting services: Sapiens offers infrastructure hosting services (cloud/data center), IT hosting (system admin, DBA, back-up, security, operations monitoring and alerts, interfaces, batch processes execution monitoring, documents’ production and distribution, and full and incremental back-ups.)

Application management: Application management includes management of jobs, DevOps, business continuity, upgrade and releases; performance evaluation, monitoring and tuning. EMS includes extended “Service Window”, extended SLA and customer-layer maintenance. IN addition, application management offers on-site support, ongoing application management for additional requirements and adjustment of existing configurations, BAU development of additional requirements, upgrades, capacity planning and performance management, and more

Managed Services

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