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Sapiens Application Managed Services

The insurance industry is currently facing numerous challenges, especially those arising from constantly changing customer and agent needs. Insurers attempting to implement business and digital transformation to meet these challenges must have a high-performance and reliable core system and IT infrastructure, and the support to ensure they operate at an optimum level, without hampering the flow of business.

Our Methodology

Sapiens Application Managed Services are offered around the Sapiens product suites. Sapiens Application Managed Services are available in two categories. The first is Extended Maintenance Services (EMS), which includes customer-layer and component maintenance; extended SLA; and extended service window, including 24/7 support or onsite support.

The second is value-added services and operations, which includes ongoing setup and configuration of products, workflows, templates and users; business-as-usual (BAU); development of additional features/change requests; core upgrades; capacity planning and performance management; release deployments; and nightly batch run.

Sapiens Application Managed Services provide insurers with high performance and agility on all fronts, and enable them to increase new sales and cross-selling while lowering operational costs. Our managed services offering allows insurers to focus on the business aspects of their business, such as digitalization, client retention, security, risk, compliance, and efficiency. Application management can be left to the Sapiens team of experts, who offer decades of experience in this field.

Main Benefits

  • By handing off the operations of all core system and IT infrastructure applications, insurers are able to stay focused on their core business goals and operations
  • Trained, experienced personnel manage the infrastructure and core systems, ensuring the highest levels of operational effectiveness and quick and efficient implementation and expansion of new technologies
  • By outsourcing the management of applications systems, insurers can control and predict IT costs, saving overheads and reducing risks
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