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Organizations face significant pressure to reduce their cost of ownership while ensuring the highest levels of IT efficiency to support all their business needs. More and more organizations understand the benefits of managed services that can host their hardware and software platforms. By outsourcing infrastructure and IT hosting, and their associated help desks, organizations can free themselves up to focus on their mission critical tasks.

Our Methodology

Sapiens offers a third-party hosting services by partnering with the best hosting services vendors. We offer cloud-based hosting solutions across a variety of platforms, including Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. We provide an end-to-end cloud solution that will ensure the separation of development, testing, staging and production environments. Multi-cloud shell solutions span both public and private cloud vendors. Users from all geographies have access to the environments.

The cloud-based offering is flexible and scalable. Components can easily be added or removed, for simple scaling up or down. This enables customers of all sizes to easily expand or readjust their businesses. An optional SaaS business model enables full outsourcing of software as a service on an annual license subscription basis including maintenance, typically including full application management.

Sapiens’ Application Management Services can be customized based on customer needs for support and can include extended maintenance services and ongoing application management for set-up and configuration of additional requirements and the adjustment existing ones.

Main Benefits

  • By handing off hardware and software hosting to Sapiens, and eliminating the need to focus on installation and maintenance, organizations can fully focus on their core business objectives
  • Defined current and future costs based on an agreed growth model, avoids unexpected and costly capital outlays for cost efficiencies
  • Flexible and scalable IT solution available 24/7 seamlessly supports organizations as they scale up and responds to changing business needs and supports business continuity
  • Gain access to Sapiens’ highest levels of professional expertise and most advanced and up-to-date technology to stay ahead of the competition without having to make major investments in IT infrastructure and personnel
  • Secure cloud hosting with back-office functions not visible to the public Internet and access secured by a VPN, full auditing and compliance monitoring and advanced threat monitoring and protocols improves IT security
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