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Sapiens Testing Services

As part of our Professional Services, Sapiens offers full end-to-end comprehensive testing services. These services ensure that customers receive the highest levels of testing efficiency to ensure that the solutions are implemented on time and with the highest quality.

Our Methodology

Sapiens Testing Services include a wide range of tests to ensure that every base is covered on the way to a successful implementation. Our delivery model combines professional testing in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations that is flexible to scale up or down depending on business needs.

Sapiens supports all forms of testing, including Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) – Functional UAT (F-UAT), Business UAT (B-UAT), Migration testing, Performance testing, Automation testing, Penetration testing. We prepare test cases and scripts, drawing from our large repository of insurance test cases, and we reuse Sapiens core scenarios.

We use advanced testing approaches, including multiple layer testing method, advanced automated testing through full project life cycle, and tight collaboration with the customer team.

Main Benefits

  • By providing comprehensive testing services, Sapiens saves the need for recruiting or assigning software testers, training, integrating test tools and defect management tools, and bridging the knowledge gap, for increased organization efficiency.
  • With Sapiens’ deep knowledge, large repository of insurance use cases and deep pool of dedicated and experienced professionals, the customer benefits from the highest levels of testing efficiency and expertise.
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