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Insurance carriers have long understood that they risk losing their customers if they don’t provide the type of digital experience that all of us have come to expect from the retailers and service providers we interact with daily. Agents, brokers and other channel and service providers also require a powerful digital ecosystem to capably carry out their crucial tasks.

Sapiens Intelligence is a business intelligence solution specifically designed for the insurance market. The solution is based on insights from scores of customers in production. It empowers business users to quickly and easily draw business conclusions and insights from raw data, via self-service analytics and easy-to-use, modern tools.

Sapiens DigitalSuite (formerly called Sapiens Digital Suite) offers an end-to-end, holistic and seamless digital experience for customers, agents, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. The suite is pre-integrated with Sapiens core suites and is comprised of the Sapiens DigitalHub (API Layer and Digital Studio) that enables openness and connectivity with partners; Sapiens AgentConnect (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) and Sapiens CustomerConnect (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) portals, specifically designed for the life, pension and annuities, property and casualty, and additional insurance markets; and the Sapiens PartnerHub, which makes third-party technology and insuretech solutions available to insurers and their customers. The suite is cloud-based.

Sapiens offers cloud deployment for its products and solutions, including its Sapiens CoreSuites for life, pension and annuities, and property and casualty, and its full DigitalSuite.

This fully digital business approach is powered by process automation, which will lead to cost savings, enhanced customer service, fewer agent mistakes and fast products launches, among many other advantages.

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