Life, Pension & Annuities

Life, Pension & Annuities

The life, pension & annuities markets are dynamic and ever-changing. Customers and agents demand new products faster than ever before, and seek multi-channel access from their mobile devices, email, websites and online chats – a full digital experience with real-time, accurate data flow through any channel or device.

Insurers must meet these challenges while complying with complex regulatory demands and navigating a competitive market that necessitates operational efficiency. But legacy life insurance software wasn’t designed to withstand today’s growing challenges. In today’s highly competitive landscape, insurers must increase their operational efficiency and ability to rapidly launch new value propositions to the market. They need to react quickly to changing circumstances and new business opportunities.

Sapiens offers a modern, digital insurance platform. With the ability to deploy its offerings as a complete platform, or as standalone modules, Sapiens can address life providers’ needs across all their lines of business and distribution channels. Our mature platform is cloud and API-based, and features a strong core and advanced analytics, as well as data enablement and full digital engagement capabilities.

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